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tv   [untitled]    April 19, 2013 9:14am-9:44am PDT

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term madalinas was tried before and it didn't work. you gave those guys a top number on their whatever it's called the card we got the taxi cab card and what happened - i'm talking. anyway, the number on the card we have and now they have got full-time taxis because the cab companies won't put out the shiners costs so they've become full-time taxis. and so far as the taxis i'm high on the madalinas list and i'm getting one and i'm grateful to the board for bringing the price
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down. i'm very, very happy to be paying less money and thank you. >> (calling names). >> san francisco taxi driver. two public safety things i want to get into and one thing out of left field. the public safety is first caltrans should be on the other side of the street 90 of the riding fairs are on the other side of the street. you have giant street you should go down there it's 0 total chaos. so if we move the cab signs on
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the other side of the street and stop the cabs from poovp from the other side of the street. and all you drivers inside to go to this website car c ar s ta c h should go for if you're a list driver or whatever you can buy a pink mustache manufactureer. i'm going to buy one today, i'm going to write like scabs or go away and on my cab just bear in mind that maybe there is a time for the mta irrespective to step in and do what the airport did
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this is a public safety. and lastly hoover got this money the $70 million i think that's probably more than that. and the c p u has to hear this testimony and many of that money is put in there and - >> next speaker please and. >> thank the author of the - i want to thank the security guard who runs off the limousine and they're very effective. one of my colleagues and his
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passenger managed to steal a pink minus tush and he got in trouble with the company. but as ben pointed out two people are just flagging those cars and hoping in so anybody can get one of those pink mustaches a murderer or. there was one car paint as a gray primer. the cars are getting older and older. you think it's little kids but i take it young women who are hoping in those cars. and sidecars and lifts the
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attorneys say there was nothing by spin and side talk and they haven't protruded any documents. so if somebody is claiming i'm lying they need to come forward with their documents. and this lady came to the meeting with any questions and she left with so many more questions. and ride sharing you thought you were going to certain locations but really who goes to work at 2:00 a.m. in the modernizing in hookers >> (calling names). >> if you could have the overhead i want to show you may
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have seen that but this is the last issue of the united tax news letter with the picture of the mayor on the cover. i think he needs to be called out on this. because the mayor of this city as turned his back on - the city's own taxi industry and this regulatory agency by endorsing the operations of companies that are operating in the city unlawfully, unregulated, unlicensed. and for the mayor to do that i mean it seems disgrace full to me. those companies are providing uncontrolled competition.
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their numbers are growing day by day and the direction that is solution is taking of putting out more taxis to meet more of their vehicles to take back taxi share from us. i don't think that's going to work. there's a very influential article that goes back a few decades called the tragedy of the common sense where, you know, the farmers use a common area to grace their cattle and, you know, farmers this farmer puts another cow an and another farmer puts a cow on it and pretty soon that's their individual benefit to do it but the cows are staffing. we in this situation are the cows senator something has to be
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done >> (calling names). >> at the april 6th accounting vote of this task force the vote was to find a violation of the speaking times 5 to 4, however, one member of the task force does not show so it failed for
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the affirm active vote of the members of the sunshine task force. i'm moving for reconsideration and we'll keep you posted. the second raison i rise to he'd i is to get a formal answer on behavior of good government why didn't you go to get the report inside the agency. you had to spend how much money did you spend on the doctors report? and a thank you. >> (calling one more name). >> i'm 25 years of driving a
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cab. doesn't mean anything. i brought to our attention the charging of 5 percent even though our rule says they can only charge 3 percent. this is the law of the land of the united states of america you can't charge minimum in dollars and i can go to the credit and you can fill that out for yourself. i suggest to the drivers to put a sign of credit card accepted which dollar minimum and you'll be all right. and the other things i want to talk about we talk about in the town meeting if you're going to
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allow the cab companies to so-called dispatch to the center app the problem is still going to be there. what you need to do is when people called red or yellow or other other companies they can see the four block radius you can see them. you can see in if the yellow cabs are available for them fine they can get the cab right now right away. then they can make their choices. and the second thing or the third thing there is no u turn
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for the taxi. there's a difficult situation over there on sutter street >> moniker to address that? >> i'd like to a take into account the credit cards charging 5 percent. also the california trains thing is right i've been down there are i don't know what kind of authority you'd have but the members can take a look at 0 those things. okay. the director is not going to be giving a report >> last item on the agenda seeing none. >> very quickly. i'm going to a higher authority. >> director reiskin i would
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appreciate a report on the muni delays. i know that some of them were caused by the wind and interesting circumstances but it certainly seems to me that the delays before the van system where the trains are coming in there's been significant details p delays. i don't know if it's something to be with the switch or something else. i asked a year and a half agree as far as i, tell the sander hose is for more a problem but
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i'd like to know and i know that supervisor weaning would like to know >> anyone else on new or unfinished business? >> we're going to talk about the california train corner that's my neighborhood. that would be a awesome to switch that over. in terms of the the office of california train station 3 lanes have a green turn and the pedestrians have a signal to walk it's scarey to cross that intersection. so if you're looking into anyway that's - and a fourth and town
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send. >> anyone else? our all scared aren't you. thank you all. and a need a motion to adjourn? >> all in favor say i. we're adjourned. >> you're watching quick bite,
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the show that has san francisco. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we're here at one of the many food centric districts of san francisco, the 18th street corridor which locals have affectionately dubbed the castro. a cross between castro and gastronomic. the bakery, pizza, and dolores park cafe, there is no end in sight for the mouth watering food options here. adding to the culinary delights is the family of business he which includes skylight creamery, skylight and the 18 raisin. >> skylight market has been here since 1940. it's been in the family since 1964.
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his father and uncle bought the market and ran it through sam taking it over in 1998. at that point sam revamped the market. he installed a kitchen in the center of the market and really made it a place where chefs look forward to come. he created community through food. so, we designed our community as having three parts we like to draw as a triangle where it's comprised of our producers that make the food, our staff, those who sell it, and our guests who come and buy and eat the food. and we really feel that we wouldn't exist if it weren't for all three of those components who really support each other. and that's kind of what we work towards every day. >> valley creamery was opened in 2006. the two pastry chefs who
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started it, chris hoover and walker who is sam's wife, supplied all the pastries and bakeries for the market. they found a space on the block to do that and the ice cream kind of came as an afterthought. they realized the desire for ice cream and we now have lines around the corner. so, that's been a huge success. in 2008, sam started 18 reasons, which is our community and event space where we do five events a week all around the idea of bringling people closer to where the food comes from and closer to each other in that process. >> 18 reasons was started almost four years ago as an educational arm of their work. and we would have dinners and a few classes and we understood there what momentum that people wanted this type of engagement and education in a way that allowed for a more in-depth conversation. we grew and now we offer -- i think we had nine, we have a
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series where adults learned home cooking and we did a teacher training workshop where san francisco unified public school teachers came and learned to use cooking for the core standards. we range all over the place. we really want everyone to feel like they can be included in the conversation. a lot of organizations i think which say we're going to teach cooking or we're going to teach gardening, or we're going to get in the policy side of the food from conversation. we say all of that is connected and we want to provide a place that feels really community oriented where you can be interested in multiple of those things or one of those things and have an entree point to meet people. we want to build community and we're using food as a means to that end. >> we have a wonderful organization to be involved with obviously coming from buy right where really everyone is treated very much like family. coming into 18 reasons which even more community focused is such a treat. we have these events in the evening and we really try and
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bring people together. people come in in groups, meet friends that they didn't even know they had before. our whole set up is focused on communal table. you can sit across from someone and start a conversation. we're excited about that. >> i never worked in catering or food service before. it's been really fun learning about where things are coming from, where things are served from. >> it is getting really popular. she's a wonderful teacher and i think it is a perfect match for us. it is not about home cooking. it's really about how to facilitate your ease in the kitchen so you can just cook. >> i have always loved eating food. for me, i love that it brings me into contact with so many wonderful people. ultimately all of my work that i do intersects at the place where food and community is. classes or cooking dinner for someone or writing about food. it always come down to empowering people and giving
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them a wonderful experience. empower their want to be around people and all the values and reasons the commitment, community and places, we're offering a whole spectrum of offerings and other really wide range of places to show that good food is not only for wealthy people and they are super committed to accessibility and to giving people a glimpse of the beauty that really is available to all of us that sometimes we forget in our day to day running around. >> we have such a philosophical mission around bringing people together around food. it's so natural for me to come here. >> we want them to walk away feeling like they have the tools to make change in their lives. whether that change is voting on an issue in a way that they will really confident about, or
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that change is how to understand why it is important to support our small farmers. each class has a different purpose, but what we hope is that when people leave here they understand how to achieve that goal and feel that they have the resources necessary to do that. >> are you inspired? maybe you want to learn how to have a patch in your backyard or cook better with fresh ingredients . or grab a quick bite with organic goodies. find out more about 18 reasons by going to 18 and learn about buy right market and creamery by going to buy right and don't forget to check out our blog for more info on many of our episodes at sf quick until next time, may the fork be with you. ♪ ♪ >> so chocolaty.
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mm. ♪ >> oh, this is awesome. oh, sorry. i thought we were done rolling. ♪ ♪
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